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Announcing The Virtual Subsurface Utility Mapping Strategy Forum Conference

Founded by Geoff Zeiss

The Legacy of Geoff Zeiss


Dear SUMSF Community,

Geoff Zeiss devoted over 30 years of his life to the Geospatial industry and global community. Besides focusing on utility and construction sectors, and mapping underground utility infrastructure among many other projects, he promoted awareness, innovation, and the evolution of geospatial data, technology, and underground utilities.

Geoff showed his leadership in many ways. Geoff and GoGeomatics created the SUMSF event together, where Geoff served as Conference Chair since the event’s inception. He created a thought leadership blog that now holds over 2000 articles. Between the Poles is a blog Geoff created to advocate issues of importance to the sector.

In late 2022, Geoff and I, in partnership with Carleton University, created an endowment fund. Geoff played a major role in developing the Geoff Zeiss Urban Infrastructure Mapping Fund, which uses the knowledge and experiences of decades of research in innovation, sustainable urban infrastructure, and developing supporting urban information systems by Geoff. The fund will focus on creating new technologies, improving efficiency and safety, and possibly creating future scholarships, post-doctoral fellowships, and research positions.

Geoff passed away on September 14, 2022.

GoGeomatics and the Geomatics community are continuing Geoff’s work and are inviting you to take part. To continue the legacy in Geoff’s footprints, please contact me, at, if you are interested in speaking, sponsoring, hosting, or participating in SUMSF 2023.

It’s an honour and privilege to work with the community to continue Geoff’s legacy.

With humble thanks,

Jonathan Murphy





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Subsurface Utility Mapping Strategy Forum

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SUMFS Attendees 2023

Industry Participants

  • 2M Locating, LLC
  • 3D Geomatics
  • 3-D Line Locating Ltd.
  • 3D Mapping
  • 3D Maritime Inc.
  • 4-ip
  • 4M Analytics
  • 4Sight Utility Engineers
  • Affinity Water
  • Aitihad Bandar
  • Association of Ontario Land Surveyors
  • ApoSys Technologies
  • ARUP
  • Atlas Geophysical
  • Atlas Surveying
  • Atlheritage Services Corp.
  • Augview Ltd
  • Beca
  • Between the Poles
  • BGC Engineering
  • BHATE Geosciences Corporation
  • BhuSatyam Technologies
  • Bonnefield
  • Boustead Geospatial Technologies
  • Bury Services
  • CAE
  • CES Group
  • Colliers Engineering & Design
  • Condux Intl
  • Conocida
  • DeCoste Surveys Ltd.
  • DexAfrica
  • DGT
  • Dura-Line
  • Engineering
  • Enhanced Scanning
  • Eningo
  • Eos Positioning Systems
  • Eurovia
  • GE Digital
  • Geospatial
  • Geotechoverseas
  • GeoTerra Surveys
  • GeoVerra Inc.
  • Global Information Technology, Inc
  • globalsurvey
  • Ground Penetrating Radar Systems
  • Graicells
  • HighView Drone Imagery
  • Hihnshaw
  • Horrocks
  • HSC Pipeline Engineering Pte Ltd
  • Ice core consults
  • Information Services Corp
  • International Space Station
  • IT34 A/S
  • Kens Welding
  • KorrAI
  • Kyoshin Giken Co., Ltd.
  • Learning Bird
  • Leica Geosystems Technologies Pte Ltd
  • Lidar News
  • LiDARist Co. Ltd.
  • Locusview
  • Linesearch BeforeUdig
  • Lux Modus
  • Mach9 Robotics
  • Manitoba Hydro
  • Map Graphics
  • McElravy Associates
  • MDA
  • Mobile GIS Services
  • Movella
  • Murphy Geospatial Ltd
  • National Aeronautics and Space
  • Administration
  • nv5
  • Ordnance Survey
  • Organization
  • Ott Consulting
  • Ovintiv
  • Parsons
  • PelicanCorp
  • Planetary Remote Sensing Inc
  • Planview Utility Services Ltd.
  • Plowman Craven
  • Polaris Land Surveying Inc
  • Posterity
  • Premier Locates
  • Proceq Asia
  • Professional Surveyors Canada
  • Prostar Geocorp Inc.
  • PSD CityWide
  • Put
  • Pyxis Geotech
  • Quanta
  • R&D and Innovation
  • Reduct
  • Reveal
  • Reveal Infrastructure
  • Safe Software
  • Screening Eagle
  • SeeScan
  • Sofiyska voda
  • Sogelink
  • Southern California contractors association
  • Spacept
  • SSP innovations
  • Stantec
  • subsuperificie
  • Subsurface Solutions, Subsurface
  • Services
  • Subsurface Utility Engineering LLC &
  • Subsurface Utility Engineering Association
  • Sweco
  • Terre Noire Surveyor
  • The INTUS Group
  • The Lexis Group, LLC
  • The Lorrnel Group
  • Tierra Geomatic
  • Trimble
  • Tuatara Structures
  • Utility Mapping
  • Vattenfall
  • Vislock & Vision
  • Vislock Ltd
  • VP Partners Development
  • Rodradar
  • WGI Inc.
  • Woods
  • Woolpert
  • WSP
  • Xsens

Government Participants
Federal Participants

  • Building Code Commission
  • Cabinet Office
  • Crown Indigenous Relations
  • Cues Mapping/PIPC
  • Defence Construction Canada
  • Defence Science & Technology Agency
  • Department of National Defence
  • Energy Safety
  • Geological Survey of Canada of
  • Natural Resources Canada
  • Geospatial Commission
  • Government of Canada
  • Istituto Nazionale Di Geofisica e Vulcanologia
  • National Research Council Canada
  • Northern Development Mines
  • Natural Resources and Forestry
  • Public Services and
  • Procurement Canada
  • Public Works
  • Singapore Land Authority
    Underground Safety Board

Provincial Participants

  • Alberta Parks
  • California Office of Energy
  • Infrastructure Safety
  • Government Of Alberta
  • Government of Nunavut
  • Northwest Territories Centre for Geomatics
  • Ontario Ministry of Transportation
  • Ontario Public Works Association

Municipal Participants

  • Chatham-Kent Public Utilities Commission
  • City of Charlottetown
  • City of Marshfield
  • City of Ottawa
  • Durham Workforce Authority
  • Kitsap County
  • Municipality of Clarington
  • The City of Ottawa
  • Toronto and Region Conservation Authority
  • NGO’s and First Nations
  • Centre for Newcomers Society of Calgary
  • Cs4 Services
  • Gopher State One Call
  • Halifax Water
  • Indigenous Services Canada
  • Nickel District Conservation Authority
  • Nigeria Flying Labs Southwest Hub
  • North American Committee of NGOs for the Environment
  • OGC
  • Pennsylvania Utility Contractors Association
  • Sustainable Cobourg
  • Trufi Association


  • Cees Punjab university Lahore Pakistan
  • College of the North Atlantic Office of
  • Applied Research and Innovation
  • Delhi Technological University
  • Lawrence Technological University
  • Mining University
  • New York University Center for Urban Science + Progress
  • North American College of Information Technology
  • Nova Scotia Community College
  • Olusegun Agagu University of Science and Technology Okitipupa
  • Poznan University of Life Sciences
  • Queen’s University Belfast
  • Ryerson University
  • Singapore-ETH Centre
  • Universidad Militar Nueva Granada
  • Universidad Nacional
  • Université Laval
  • University of Calgary
  • University of Manitoba
  • University of Melbourne
  • University Of Mines And Technology
  • University of Twente
  • Western University

GeoIgnite Events

GeoIgnite is the premier brand for “Geo” events in Canada. Organized and hosted by GoGeomatics and the Canadian geospatial community at large for over a decade, the community has created a platform for sharing ideas, engaging the sector, business development, and sustaining and growing the community. GeoIgnite events knit the community together at both a local and national level. GoGeomatics is a thriving network of over 6,000 members from coast to coast.

Virtual Events

In Person Events

GeoIgnite 2024

GoGeomatics Expo

November 6-8, 2023

GeoIgnite Career Fair Calgary

GeoIgnite Career Fair Calgary

November 7-8, 2023

GeoIgnite 2024

Canada’s National Geospatial Conference

Ottawa • May 14-15, 2024

GeoIgnite Career Fair Ottawa

GeoIgnite Career Fair Ottawa

May 14-15, 2024